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Thought for the Day

Once, a very long time ago, a client said to me, “I have dreams that you and I will get really old together.” I think that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, and it’s the truth. It’s my dream too.


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  1. LOL…what I'm trying to figure out is how I keep getting older and you don't. I'm all for the "growing old together" thing, but it's got to be a shared experience, ya know?

    Kris, excellent suggestion!

  2. Mmmm….It's not really my dream to grow old.

    But I suppose it will happen, anyway. In that case, I wouldn't want to grow old with a client, or even with a man. I would force such a man to undergo plastic surgery, Botox, expensive creams, and have him bullied into shape by an ill-tempered ex-military personal trainer.

    It's one thing for a woman to show enchanting signs of maturation, but a man in decay is a sorry sight.

    In this sense, I quite concur with Laura Maylene.

  3. Gee, it sounds like a (sort of) marriage proposal… what did you say? I hope he/she is a good friend already…

    Though, as others have said, finding the 'right' agent would be like never wanting to loose them.

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