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Happy Halloween from Bear Vallere!

Long ago at a lunch with her editor, Diane Vallere confessed that she actually made Halloween costumes for her stuffed animals. And a series was born.

It was during this meal, filled with great personal stories, true confessions and much laughter that Diane, her editor, and I came up with A Costume Shop Mystery series. Because who doesn’t want to read about costumed bears?

Bear Vallere is dressing like the Phantom this year and he’s beyond adorable. I only wish he’d come trick-or-treating to my house. I promise a honey stick.

Diane’s first Costume Shop Mystery, A Disguise to Die For doesn’t release for another few months, but if you’re interested to see what other talents she has with fabrics you should definitely take a look the Material Witness Mysteries. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.DisguiseToDieFor_cover2

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  1. Diane is hugely talented and I love her Phantom of the Obera costume, to say nothing of her multiple series which I devour on a regular basis. I’m glad you and Diane found each other. Sounds like the perfect match.

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