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Book Deals That Can Make an Agent Jealous #MSWL

I’ve been doing some research on Publishers Marketplace lately and came across a number of deals that grabbed my attention, books I would have loved to have repped or books that I’d love to see in my submission inbox.

Here are just two that are making me hungry to hunker down and do nothing but read.

Brad Parks’ SAY NOTHING, about a federal judge and his wife who are plunged into unimaginable terror and a twisting game of cat and mouse when their children are kidnapped in the hopes of affecting a headline-making case on the judge’s docket, as the trial plays out in the public eye and the couple stop at nothing to get them back, no matter the cost to themselves…or to each other

Debra Webb’s NO DARKER PLACE, in which a serial killer’s son lives in the shadows hunting serial killers no one else can find

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