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Taking Your Marketing to the Next Level

Once you become a published author, well actually before your book is even published, you’re going to start marketing. Everyone will have their own technique and style and many will simply look to others for tips and advice. What very few of you will actually do is take that marketing to the next level, few of you will push yourself to make sure that the marketing materials you send out will be memorable.

Over the holidays I bought quite a few gifts off Etsy. I love the creative minds there. With one of my gifts I got this brilliant thank you note. I sat with this thank you for weeks. I thought it was adorable and fun and, most importantly, it made me want to buy anything I could from this seller again. It was an extra touch that made her absolutely memorable. Of course, it also fits with her brand. Whatever you do it has to fit your brand.

Since the photo is probably hard to read I’m going to quote just one of the cards (the one with the confetti bag).

Why hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of cursewords, unicorns, glitter and confetti. My goal with Four Letter Word Cards is to help you celebrate yourself and those who make life the best it can possibly be.

So take a moment to have an “I am awesomesauce,” dance party. Throw some confetti around and enjoy your day. Make it as fantastic and freaking amazing as you can — because you deserve every damn happy moment you can get.

How great is that? And how easy. And how memorable.

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