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Defining #OwnVoices

In the past two years, #OwnVoices has become a popular hashtag on Twitter and in #MSWL and submission requests from agents. #OwnVoices means a book written by a member of the marginalized community from which it depicts. In other words, if you are writing a character from the LGBTQ community an #OwnVoices hashtag or description would mean that you, as the author, are also from the LGBTQ community.

To claim #OwnVoices it is not necessary that every experience your character goes through is also something you are going through, but it is necessary that you are from the marginalized community your protagonist is also from.




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  1. This is very helpful, as I hadn’t realized it was specific to marginalized voices. A couple of follow up questions. If I were to write about a character with a disability, would it need to be the same disability that I have in order to be considered Own Voice? And if you are not writing about a marginalized group, but an agent or publisher asks if it is in own voice, should you say “no” or “N/A”?

  2. Jessica, I’m curious… I know authors identify themselves as #ownvoices when submitting to an agent (who I assume also identify it as such to a publisher). The #ownvoices I’ve read, I’ve heard of from writing circles (conferences, agents, authors etc), but most readers wouldn’t have that exposure.

    How does a reader identify #ownvoices? Is something included on the back of the book with the blurb?

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