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Eight Tips to Make Your Pitching Experience a Success

2. Introduce yourself. Ask how the agent is doing, give some little tidbit about yourself (where you’re from, what genre you write, if you’ve been published before (and where), or just mention the weather). Giving the agent a little tidbit about who you are will help to start a real conversation and feels inclusive rather than making her feel she’s just someone to pitch to. It also really helps to make you stand out a little from everyone else.
3. Then launch! Once you’ve gotten the niceties out of the way feel free to keep talking and launch right into your pitch. “I’ve written… a WORLD COUNT, GENRE, titled TITLE, about….” here’s your blurb…

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  1. Pitching rocks. I always really enjoy it although I rarely follow the standard pitch format. I had my first BookEnds pitch when Moe came to Oz *waving at Moe* and she can attest to the fact my approach was different.

    I’ve been enjoying the you tube clips but because I have Barbarians who are enamoured with watching you tubers playing games (what is with that?) instead of doing homework we’ve had to ban you tube on our router. So no more BookEnds you tube for a while for me =(

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