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Jessica Faust’s Query Wishes

One of my favorite parts of this job has always been the hunt. I love digging through my Query Manager in search of that magical book I didn’t even know I wanted. Is this how a paleontologist feels while hunting for dinosaur bones?

Anyone reviewing my submission guidelines knows I’m seeking books in a wide range of genres in both fiction and nonfiction. But within those genres, there are always things I want to see more of. There are themes, characters, and stories missing not just in my inbox, but in the overall book market.

Mostly what’s missing are the voices. While there are more marginalized voices being published in YA and romance, I’m not seeing the same in other genres–especially those I represent. And that’s what I’m missing most in my inbox.

I want stories told from perspectives different from mine. I want to read more marginalized voices, LBGTQ stories, authors of color, and authors not native to the United States. There’s a hole in the market and I want to fill it.

So yes, I want domestic suspense that’s different, I still want stories of parenthood, and I’m hungry for more business books. But what is going to excite me the most is a story I haven’t heard yet and voices I’m not seeing enough of.

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  1. Goddamnit, Jessica, here is a perspective different from yours: To find the proper context in my writing I like to drink beer all afternoon and bong rips and Old Crow all night and stay up till three-thirty until things start to fall into place – and then scare the hell out of myself… Ive written a horrific fiction novel about a black slave being forced down the Oregon Trail by an evil white master, a disturbing thing full of fighting, fucking, and flogging; a book that will give me a lot of trouble because it’s Too Good, or maybe just Too Much for the average agent. It’s certainly not a boozy crime novel full of lame cliques and bad plot twist. What I want to see in my inbox is an agent not stuck in a stagnant bog of mediocrity, employed by an agency that grinds out second rate swill to further contribute to the dumbness of our generation. Which hardly matters, really, but If this is what you are trying to get away from, Jessica, we should connect on some level. As for my shitty sarcasm, god only knows why I’m full of it, a pessimistic rage at not being published perhaps, sure to be alleviated when I finally crack that nut. Until then , I will send my wisdom in bits and pieces, and sometimes long bombs like this –

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