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Nonfiction Query Sample

…a special request to include a nonfiction query, so here it is, a query by Cynthia Shapiro. Cynthia submitted this book to me in 2003 and I put her through…

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Pitch Critiques Update

…some pitches I used when selling my own client’s projects. Critique away… #1: As a professional Human Resources and Career Strategy Consultant, Cynthia Shapiro knows the ins-and-outs of why and…

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What We Represent

…out from what is always a very crowded market. Cynthia Shapiro did that in her book Corporate Confidential. Cynthia had the expertise, but was not a nationally recognized expert when…

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Age Discrimination Does Exist

…issue. Don’t bother telling your age. As Cynthia Shapiro, the author of Corporate Confidential has said, “age discrimination does exist.” So why tempt fate? Frankly, I don’t care how old…

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Guest Blogger Cynthia Shapiro

Cynthia Shapiro is the author of Corporate Confidential and an upcoming guide for job seekers. Her advice rings true for anyone working in corporate America, for a small business, and…

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Books We’d Like to See

…to the successful Corporate Confidential by Cynthia Shapiro, False Impressions: A Rubberstamping Mystery, a three-book deal by Terri Micene, A Parents’ Guide to Vaccinations, a follow-up to Natural Baby and…

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