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RWA Photos

I’ve taken the liberty of swiping a few photos from our clients to show you a little of what went on at RWA. If you have pictures you’d like to share, let us know where we can find them.

Jessica posing with
Kate Douglas

Kim sitting with Kate Douglas
after the awards ceremony

Audrey LaFehr of Kensington,
Kate Douglas, and Jessica

A picture of the hotel atrium
taken from above

Picture credits go to Kate Douglas ( and Jolie Mathis (

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  1. A note to the young’ns among you–as the official old broad in the group, I know to get my photos posted quickly and the URL sent to my agent and editor. Notice who gets the spot on the blog? Just a heads up to those of you still in “Promo 101” Actually, I had such a terrific time at RWA and always enjoy seeing my terrific agent, and I loved meeting Kim. Even got to meet my editor, who is ALSO much younger than me. I figure I’m old, I’ve got the experience. They’re young and have a lot more energy to make me a success, right? Well, it sounds good in theory, anyway! Thanks Jessica, for food, fun and, as always, excellent advice.

  2. I think I outrank Kate in the old broad category, but not in experience or books published. Since I’m quite new to the BookEnds group, I have to say it was great meeting everyone after the RITA awards.
    Thanks, Jessica and Kim, for everything.

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