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Guarantees of Representation

In response to my post on Using Referrals and Requests, a reader asked:

So basically—if you have requested more material, no guarantee that this is a representation request? I’m really enjoying your posts more and more and I feel you have some very helpful information. I have met quite a few authors who have Jacky as their agent and I have even recommended a friend of mine query you all (and she did finally, to Jessica)—I thank you all for the service you have here.

So back to the double-edged sword—if you have a 98% rejection rate (which I can understand that there are a lot of writers out there trying to get their mss sold) and you have requested more, you basically are wanting to add more on your plate but not necessarily making an offer to represent that author? I’m a bit confused on this—but I’m sure it will clear up with more postings – E 🙂

When you put it that way, it does seem odd, doesn’t it? Why would people who are clearly too busy to even read query letters ask to read more? Because we are looking to add new and talented clients to our list and because there was very obviously something about your work that resonated with us. We probably liked the idea, found your voice intriguing, and connected with your characters. We liked those first three chapters enough that we were hungry for more. And yes, we liked them enough that we were willing to add more to our plates.

As for representation, the only thing that guarantees an offer of representation is the offer itself.


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  1. Thanks for clearing this up jessica. Keep up the good work. I’m pretty sure when you get around to my friend’s ms, you will find a great little gem there – she says she has fallen for her MC – who is not British at all – lol but fakes it enough to make you fall for him.

    Anyway, I keep reading and commenting and hopefully one of these days I’ll know someone else represented by one of you – E 🙂

  2. Elysabeth, I’m sure you’re a good friend and a nice person, but you’re not doing your friend any favors with these comments about her book. Really.

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