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Stalking Agents

Would it be ok to say something like “I’ve been studying your career for a few years and I am very impressed”? Or will I sound like a stalker? There are a few agents I’d love to work with because I’ve seen what they’ve been selling and how their authors have grown professionally. I watch agents in the news. What you’re selling, new agents who come on board, or when someone moves to a different firm. It helps me know who might be interested in my work.

I think that would be great. There’s nothing wrong with stalking if it’s done well. By letting me know that you’ve been watching my career you’ve also let me know that you are a professional who knows and understands the publishing business. To follow my career you are probably keeping up to date on publishing news and trends.

To me, watching agents in the news and knowing what they’re up to is the sign of a smart and savvy author.


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  1. Q: “How did you know about that?”
    Right A: “I’ve been a fan of yours for quite a while, and I’ve followed your career.
    Wrong A: “Because I was in the bushes.”

  2. Good post. I’m always afraid to tell an agent that I know who they are, who their clients are and what they’ve been up to professionally. Its good to hear you like your fans too.
    Will you be at NJRWA in October?

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