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National Bookstore Day

Tomorrow is Publishers Weekly’s first annual National Bookstore Day, “a day devoted to celebrating bookselling and the vibrant culture of bookstores.” And who doesn’t love a bookstore?

So check out the Publishers Weekly web site for a list of participating bookstores, and even if you can’t find one in your area, take a moment to stop in to your favorite store, pick up a book or two (the holidays are right around the corner) and thank the store for hanging on in this stinky economy and giving us a place to go to satisfy our cravings.

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  1. That's an excellent idea. I think it's interesting to see how bookstores are trying to compete in this new market. Like B&N's nook, which according to the website:

    Visit the store, turn on your nook, and see what pops up on your screen. It's as simple as that. You will get exclusive content, special discounts and more. And soon, you will be able to read entire eBooks for free at your local Barnes & Noble.

    I'm overjoyed that the bookstores are staying in the game.

  2. Walden books announced Yesterday (?) that 200 of its stores are closing. Guess National Bookstore Day isn't really going to help them.

    National Bookstore Day has a nice ring to it — much better than National Buy Something from Amazon Day.

  3. Are we talking the big heartless corporate bookstores, the Walmart/Targets that sell books on the side or the small cozy bookstores that are slowly going extinct?

    Regardless, it's fun to actually go to stores and by books rather than reading them online. Honestly, if I stare at a screen for too long my eyes start to hurt 🙁

  4. *sigh* I just found out the bookstore I worked at for two years is closing. And the fabulous independent bookstore/coffee two blocks from my in-laws closed earier this summer.

    Raising a glass (welll, actually a mug of coffee) to the rest of the bookstores still in existence. I'm trying to keep y'all in business!

  5. I love bookstores. I'd much rather buy from a store than online. The entire experience of browsing with fellow readers, looking at covers, seeing what others pick up or discuss, reading jacket flaps, finding an unexpected delight, it all pleases me.

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