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Email Fail

There’s nothing like a computer crash to really mess with your day. Mine happened on Thanksgiving morning. Luckily it was only my email and only a week’s worth of material. That being said, all email, sent and received, was lost between the dates of November 19-26 which means I can’t be sure which email I might have responded to during that time and I’ve lost any email I received during that time.

If you had sent requested material between the dates of November 19-26 please resend. It’s gone. If you queried during that time and have not yet received a response I’m afraid that I’m simply going to ask you to requery after January 4 (since I’m currently closed to queries).

If I reply twice to your query I apologize in advance.

Thank you for understanding and I apologize again to those caught in the crash.


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  1. Happened to me last winter, right after Christmas, and of course I had a full manuscript request come in right before the crash (I wound up selling the book – yay!) and then I left the country for a week (holidays for the first time in years), and it turned out I needed a new computer and it wouldn't arrive from Dell for 3 weeks. I lived on borrowed laptops. My dh's laptop is ancient, but it got me through. While in Mexico, though, I just lounged and was glad I didn't have a computer!

  2. It's amazing what can be saved. I'm a PC user and I still use Eudora for my email. The techs were able to save all my email off the dead XP and transfer to the new PC, which has Windows 7.

    I'd love to try Mac, but we went Windows b/c dh's employer uses Windows. Simpler all around.

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