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Why I Do What I Do

I just wanted to thank you. A while back, you had a post about querying agents at the same agency. Previously, this was something I would never have considered doing, but after reading your post, I decided to take my chances and send to an agent I felt might be interested in my novel in spite of the fact that another agent there had already rejected me.

Well, I received a request for the full manuscript almost immediately, and I recently signed with said agent. I never would have queried him had I not read your blog post, and I would have lost an amazing opportunity in the process. Thank you for your post and for giving me the courage to take a chance.


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  1. YAY!! That is so awesome!! I'm so happy for the newly signed author AND I'm also happy she/he took the time to share their appreciation and thanks.
    It's important (and sometimes too easy to overlook) to take the time to send positive feedback and thanks and not just criticism. (Note: I think this applies everywhere!)
    We *do* appreciate your advice and guidance!:)

  2. Notes like this have got to make you feel pretty darned good, Jessica! You go girl!

    And congrats to the author who has taken a huge step in taking control of her career. Good news all around.

  3. There are some agencies which specifically state in their submissions to not re-query within the agency if you were rejected (of course the one I am thinking of is the same agency that said if you haven't heard back in X amount of months, "assume" you've been rejected).

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