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I am working on my query letter for a YA novel and have a question about what to include in my writing bio. In the past three years I’ve been published in five ‘feel-good’ anthologies and paid for each story. I’ve won several awards in writing contests, including a first in fiction and the overall “best in show” award. I’ve been accepted to a prestigious writing program. I spent the first 25 years of my career as a business writer in marketing and advertising. Will any of this information prompt a busy agent to read the first ten pages?

I can’t guarantee that the information you provided will “prompt a busy agent to read the first ten pages” since only your blurb will really do that, but I think all of that is great information for the bio, information that shows you are serious about your writing career and that you’ve already had some success.


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  1. Suggestions: I'd leave out the phrase, "feel good" and that you were "paid for each story." (In the past three years I've been published in five anthologies.) I'd also leave out "prestigious" and simply name the writing program (I've been accepted to ____). That said, great bio and good luck!

  2. What Debra said. This is all very impressive and will make you seem dedicated and skilled, but at the same time, the embellishments could make it seem a little self-congratulatory. Just state it straight-out as a fact, and the agent will assign all the importance to it. Good luck!

  3. This is good to know, because I have read on other agent blogs that other agents don't care about any past publishing credits or honors. They only care about the book in question. Thanks for posting this.

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