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And So We Say Good-Bye

In 2006 I had the idea to start a blog. Not a lot of thought went into this idea other than the fact that blogs were the hot new medium for marketing and it could help not only build our agency but our clients as well. At the same time I was cutting back on my conference speaking schedule and missed the interaction with authors and the ability to teach what I know. The blog seemed the perfect way to continue this.

It’s been five years and a terrific ride, but after much thought and deliberation I’ve decided that it’s time to say good-bye to the blog (obviously my work with BookEnds and the agency will continue). And while I can’t promise I’ll stay away forever (watch for the occasional blog post to pop up) I also can’t promise those posts will pop up.

It doesn’t seem like blogs have as much “power” as they used to, especially with the ease and speed of sources like Twitter and Facebook. Most important, however, I don’t have the passion for the blog that I once did. While I will surely miss hearing from the authors I’ve learned so much from, I think I will find other ways to interact.

The blog and all posts will remain up indefinitely for those who are still learning or want to refer to previous posts and you can always fine all of the BookEnds agents on Twitter if you have questions or want to know what we’re up to.

I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve learned from you. Because of feedback and comments I’ve grown as an agent and changed a number of BookEnds policies. Because of you I’ve stayed connected with the writers and, hopefully, gained a better understanding of what this business is like from your end.

I’m going to miss the blog and all of you. I feel like I should have something grand and profound to say, but all I can come up with is a slight bow, a wave, and a heartfelt thank-you for joining me in this journey.

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  1. Blogging on a schedule is definitely a challenge, and I've really been thankful for all of your super informative posts to date.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise (I refer people all the time to check out your posts on formatting, submissions, queires, partials etc…) and while I won't expect anything, I do hope we hear from you once in a while.

  2. Good luck! I'll miss your posts; most everything you've posted has been of value to me as a developing writer, and I always looked forward to seeing what you had to say. Thanks for everything you've done, and know that your posts will be missed. Sometimes it's just hard to fit in the extra time for blogging! Completely understand your need to put the time elsewhere, especially if it's become an obligation instead of a reward. So good luck on what comes next. 🙂

  3. I'm so sorry to see you go! I don't comment much but am a regular reader, and this blog is in the "favorites" folder of my RSS reader. You have helped many writers here, even those outside the genres you represent. Thank you.

  4. Bummer. Your insights will be sorely missed. I am forever grateful to all agents and publishers past and present who have shared their wisdom with us writers via blogs, so thank you.

    Guess it's a good excuse for me to go back and re-read the archives!

    And I'm still keeping you on my Google Reader 🙂

  5. Your blog is the first one I check every day and I will miss your posts. I hope that occasional blog will come up, because I'll be reading it!

  6. I hate to see the blog end. It is one of the few that has been consistently worth following. I wish I'd interacted more now. Alas, I'll contiue to lurk on Twitter. Thanks for all the help, your intention to share your knowledge was well met in this medium!

  7. We'll definitely miss your content, but we also understand the time it takes to blog and how that detracts from your other agency responsibilities. Thank you for all your words of wisdom in the past and hopefully we'll still hear from you occasionally.

  8. OMG
    You are so a part of my morning routine, so a part of my writing life. Your posts have brought me through difficult writing times and when I lost all hope in agents taking the time to read and guide me, you were there, graciously accepting to read a query and a partial when you were closed to both.
    I hope you understand how important this blog has been to us. You have shown us a path, pissed us off and taught us the importance of continuing to learn.
    I have never met you, never talked to you, and yet you represent me and every writer who dreams of making it. I know how difficult a daily blog is and I applaud that you have been able to do this for so long. I will miss you terribly. My mornings will never be the same without you.
    So…so long, my friend, I wish you well

  9. Hate to see this blog end. I've learned a lot. I appreciated your open and honest dialogue.

    I completely understand the time drain and will continue keeping up with you and your team on Twitter.

  10. I usually lurked, but I always learned. I'm sure I'll consult the archives from time to time, but I feel as though I've lost a treasured mentor. Thanks for all of it.

  11. I'm sad to see this… there is only so much time in the day/week to read good info, and this blog always made it into my schedule.

    However, I well know that it can be a lot of extra time to maintain. Thank you for the incredibly helpful posts and insights.

  12. I'll miss your new posts, but I completely understand. You've already contributed enough to fill several books! Hmm, do you know anyone you could talk to about getting a compilation of your posts published? 😉

  13. Like so many of the other commenters, I'll miss this blog. Your advice is not only helpful, but well delivered. But I completely understand. Thanks for sharing while it was possible – it's been a fantastic read ^_^

  14. I'll miss your posts. I think this has been one of the best blogs around, always informative and entertaining. I've learned so much that when I finally do get that novel published, I think it'll have to be dedicated to Jessica. 🙂

  15. I didn't comment very much but I've read this blog for quite a while. Thank you for all you've contributed with this blog! Thankfully with RSS readers (and Twitter updates) even sporadic posts (if you make them) don't have to go unnoticed as they might have previously.

  16. Jessica, I started reading your blog over a year ago, when you first started doing your Workshop Wednesday posts. Since then I've been a faithful reader. I have not only enjoyed your blog, but I have learned so much from it. Your tone was always positive and the information you shared was always helpful. Thank you. I'll miss this blog for sure.

  17. I think we're all going to miss this blog. Someone else said it, but for me, too – this was the first professional writing blog I started to follow. All of my research, critique advice, etc – spawned from links I found here. I now have a finished MS, an agent and – I feel – a lot more knowledge about the craft of writing. I don't know if any of those things would be true without having started here. Thank you so much for everything! 🙂

  18. So sad!! I just started following you about half a year ago, and you've been one of my favourite blogs. Thanks so much for the long stretch of information and interesting topics. Good luck!!

  19. Oh my god, I am heartbroken. I love your blog.

    You're the calm, measured voice of reason. When you are irate about something I know it REALLY matters and I pay attention.

    When you explain things, it's always in a way I wish I'd said myself.

    One of the reasons I could screech, and yelp and carry on was that BookEndsLLC provided a balanced, measured, calm alternative.

    Thank you for all you've done over the years.

    You will be deeply missed.

  20. I second Janet's comment above. Yours was one of the few agents blogs that I followed because you always took such a measured approach to things. Thanks for all your posts and I wish you the best of luck with everything.

  21. I started reading your blog shortly after you began it, and it was one of the first I'd found on my writing journey. You gave me answers so I didn't look stupid, helped me hone my query, gave me the highlight of my querying life when you reviewed it, and been a constant source of information.

    Thank you for the time and heart you've put in here. You will be missed.

  22. I will certainly keep this blog in my reader feed!

    Many daily bloggers I've followed these years have switched to posting weekly, or monthly, and their posts are more important to me now. It's like a visit from a long time friend instead of passing chats with a neighbor or coworker.

    Thank you for all the information and inspiration. My journey has been enhanced because of contact with you.

  23. I started reading when my husband was in Iraq – that must have been right after you started blogging.

    This was one of the few blogs I've followed faithfully. It was always upbeat and informative, and I looked forward to every new post.

    You say that you'll still be tweeting and using other social media, but I will definitely miss these thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.

    Thank you for these years of guidance and advice.

  24. Thank you for taking the time to pass on your knowledge and know how. Your blog was my initial intro to the world of publishing as I started the steep incline on my writer's learning curve. You were an immense help.

  25. Oh so sad! You were the first writing/agent/editing blogs I started reading, and I'm always so happy when I see you pop up in my reader. I will miss your posts greatly!

  26. Just imagine this in slow motion movie format:


    Guess I'll have to get on Twitter now….one of the things I vowed never to do……

  27. Thank you so, so much for all of the time, dedication, and energy you've put into this over the years. Yours was the first writer resource blog that I started reading and I've been a dedicated, daily follower (and infrequent commenter) since then. I've learned so much here.

    Thank you again.

    PS: Is there something in the NYC air? Allison Winn Scotch just announced she's closing her "Ask Allison" blog yesterday?!

  28. I'm going to miss this blog and all the terrific information you've given us. It is one of the first I read everyday.
    Thank you for leaving it open, as I'm a fairly new follower and haven't read all the posts yet.

  29. I am off work today and after commenting this morning, while bawling I might add, I have dropped in on and off just to check the comments. Nicole says it all,
    Seventeen o’s I know how important the accuracy of quotes; you taught me that.
    Even the Shark showed up to lament.
    Miss Snark, Pimp My Novel, Nathan going all-author on us, and now you, what’s a writer to do?
    Thanks again. How proud you must feel that so many of the gifted, the dreamers and the pros are wishing you well.

  30. Jessica,
    I will miss you on here. This is the only blog I actually read, every time it comes up. I appreciate all you've given me through here, the fun bits, the interesting bits, the vital bits and the ones that make me sit up and notice and change things. Sometimes in life new arrivals change things, significantly. Usually for the better as we evolve, in our prioritizations.
    When my university program is completed, I will complete this novel I promised you and hopefully we can work together on it. If not, please remember how much I've appreciated your input into this new author's life and new passion.
    Kindest Regards and thanks from NZ,
    having trouble posting with my wordpress for some reason. will put through google. Lizzi Tremayne

  31. *checks to see if it's April 1* Nope. Oh man. You'll definitely be missed. Here's hoping for some spontaneous future posting 🙂

  32. What Janet said. And WryWryter. And everybody. Since almost the beginning, this blog was the first I'd read every day. Miss Snark was second, and PubRants would have been right in there but for the time delay–though in those pre-Google Reader days Kristin's links were the gateway. And there were Nathan Bransford's and Colleen Lindsay's blogs when they were agents … and others … and now only PubRants is left …

    But, those voices are still out there — even Miss Snark has been known to swoop in unexpectedly, and we hope you will too. Thanks for all the years of advice, analysis, insight, encouragement, and delight. I just reread your take on "The Night before Christmas" from 2006, and I'm still smiling.

  33. This is beyond sad for me. Since stumbling on this site back in '06, it's been a faithful morning stop before sitting down to work. Coffee and bookends…

    Though I understand all good things eventually come to an end, doesn't mean I won't miss it.

    Thank you for all your great advice through the years, Jessica and Bookends team! You will be sorely missed.

  34. Wow! I will really miss this blog. It was the best place I knew for submitting writing/publishing questions and receiving thoughtful and speedy answers.

    Thank you for doing that for all of us.

  35. I'll miss the blog, but it's best for you to focus your attention on where you're most passionate. I, and many others, will definitely refer back to what you've built for guidance and advice!

  36. We can hardly complain, after benefiting from years of advice and encouragement! This blog has made an immense difference in my understanding of the publishing industry, so I can't see you bow out without at least saying thanks. Thanks. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  37. Oh, man. I'm really going to miss you! Every time I see your blog post in my inbox, I look frwd to reading. Even the times when I am crazy busy. You ALWAYS have something good to say.

    Wishing you the best and THANK YOU so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for the last five years. We all greatly appreciate your words of wisdom and guidance.

    Take care, Jess! XO

  38. I'm sad to hear that you are saying goodbye, but I understand. I'll miss your informative and thoughtful posts.

    Thanks for sharing for the past five years. It has been tremendously helpful. 🙂

  39. Good looking out, Jessica. Haven't always agreed with all of your thoughts, but that's probably why I've kept reading all these years. : )

    Your insights will truly be missed.



  40. Thank you for all the information and insight that you have shared with us. Your honesty and fresh perspective will be greatly missed. Your blog was one of my dailies and I feel that I have learned so much from you. Best wishes to a delightful lady!!

  41. Jessica,

    First of all, you and your priceless source of information will be greatly missed. Secondly, I completely understand. I've been struggling with my own blog lately, feeling as you do that blogs don't have the power they used to. And, last, I can't thank you and Kim enough for requesting pages from me on several occasions. I love your agency and feel honored to know you feel my writing is strong and relevant.

    I hope our paths cross in the future, and I wish you and all at Bookends the very best of everything!

    Debra (Schubert) Lazar

  42. Thank you so much for every post and scrap of information you've shared over the last several years, Jessica.

    You've helped make a difference in this author's life because of your generosity!

  43. I'm sure this blog had to be a big undertaking for you. But it was so well appreciated by all of us who struggle to figure out what is going on in the agent/editor world. Your advice has always been top notch and I know I'll miss coming over here to check in, read, and at times even leave a comment.

  44. Will totally miss you!! :(. I've been reading your posts religiously since the launch of the BookEnds blog, most lately through my feeds. You put a face and personality to the BookEnds name. I've queried you because of the blog. I've sent the link to writer friends, and they've queried you too. I've learned about your new agents through the blog, your new clients, and I still watch out to see what you guys might be looking for in the future. It will be a hole in my morning reading. But thank you.

  45. Thank you for everything you've shared! I just started reading your blog last year and it taught me a lot about the publishing market and writing. I wish you and everyone at Book Ends lots of success!

  46. I will really miss your blog. I haven't exactly been active in the blogosphere recently (too busy with school) but your blog was the one I actually bothered reading. I've learned so much from your posts and I'll miss them, especially Workshop Wednesday. Thank you for everything!

  47. Thank you all. I'm really touched by your comments. I didn't expect it. I thought yesterday was sad when I realized it was the final blog. Today feels a little sadder to me when I realize it's the first day with no post.

    All my readers have made an equally big impact on me. I look forward to meeting you all in different places and of course I hope to see each and every one of you in print (or eprint).


  48. Dear Jessica,

    My heart hurts. I found your blog the year I started writing seriously (4 years ago) and credit much of my success to date to you and the information you so generously shared. So much have I learned not only about the mechanics of what I'm trying to achieve, but the industry itself.

    Take your bow, dim the lights. Know that you touched every one of us.

  49. I'm so sorry to see another great blog bite the dust, but I totally understand. I agree, blogs don't seem to be as "of the moment" as they once were. I wish you well in finding great stories to publish and hope you will post from time to time. Thanks for everything, Jessica!

  50. I will definitely miss your blog–you're one of only two that I follow regularly. Maybe this means I'll get more writing done!

    Thanks for all your insights and information about an industry that continues to change almost daily. I am SO GLAD you're my agent…and that you haven't blocked my email. Yet.

  51. I lurk and read much more often than I comment, but I needed to comment today. Thank you so much for all you've taught me (and everyone else – but I'll just speak for me :)) over the past few years. I've leanred so much from you. It's been a pleasure reading your blog. Good luck with all you do and thanks again!

  52. I've been a loyal reader of this blog for about a year, and though I've never commented, I had to comment today.

    I've learned so much from you. You can't imagine. Thank you so much for all you've done, for me, and for so many other writers out there. You'll be sorrily missed.

    Damn. This blog has been like my morning coffee for months. And to think I just quit drinking coffee! LOL!

  53. I'll miss your posts. I haven't commented often, but I have enjoyed the interaction on this blog and have appreciated the information you've put forth. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise all these years.

  54. I didn't expect my first comment to also be my last. Been following your blog for almost three years and am sad to see it go. I hope to see a bonus entry pop up in my feeds from time to time. Thank you.

  55. Following you since I discovered your blog a year ago has been both a joy and a blessing. This space will be miseed. Thank you for being so generous with your time and insights.

  56. Sad to hear it's the end! I'll miss your advice. This was one of only three writing blogs that were my regular reading. Thanks for all you've given us!

  57. I am so sad to see the end of this wonderful, helpful, insightful blog. I have followed it for many years and have learned much about the writing business. Thank you for being around for as long as you have been.

  58. Jessica, I've read your blog religiously for more than a year. It has been invaluable to me in my growth as a literary agent. I will be forever grateful for the time you've spent sharing such priceless information with us. Thank you, Jessica! Karen Grencik

  59. I've been out of town and just saw this notice. I'll miss your posts. They have been informative and fun and a daily stop for me. But I understand you need to do what is best for you and your agency. Thank you so much for the time you have invested here and the information you have shared with us. Best of luck to you. I'll be querying. 🙂

  60. The first blog of yours I have read… and it turns out to be your last. Kind of like going to Wayne Gretzky's last hockey game if you had never seen The Great One weave his magic on a hockey rink!

    My blog is just starting at The Wright Stuff… I now know where to set the bar.

    All the best to you Jessica, I guess we are destined to be two ships passing in the night.

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