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An Assaulted Pretzel by Laura Bradford

The second in Bradford’s Amish Mystery series, set in Heavenly, Pennsylvania, and starring English shopkeeper Claire Weatherly, explores the murder of toymaker Rob Karble, whose company reneged on a deal that would have brought lots of work to the Amish community. Meanwhile, an inn in town owned by Claire’s aunt Diane is ransacked, giving Claire another reason for investigating. Heavenly police detective Jakob Fisher, who was shunned by his family when he left the Amish community, would like to reforge a connection with Claire, but that may prove difficult when some of his family become suspects in the murder. Claire has her own personal issues, as she tries to make sense of her inappropriate feelings for two Amish men, both of whom are struggling with their history and identity. Amish stories continue to hold interest for readers, and Bradford makes the most of the setting, which is supported by solid characters and a realistic murder plot. –Amy Alessio (Booklist)

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