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Happy #pubday to Lorrie Thomson!

Happy #pubday to Lorrie Thomson for the release of A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS! Here’s just some of the praise for this fantastic work of women’s fiction:


“In this absorbing, deeply emotional novel about family secrets, Lorrie Thomson shows us how love can sometimes feel like an obsession, how insults can slice beneath your skin and how impossible it is to keep your children safe from heartbreak. It’s a breathless roller coaster of a book in the best sense. Page by lyric page, Thomson’s characters unveil their darkest truths, demonstrating that having the courage to open our hearts to love is the true measure of happiness.”
Holly Robinson, author of BEACH PLUM ISLAND and HAVEN LAKE 

“Thomson’s ‘A Measure of Happiness’ is about many things – finding home, facing fears, and making choices among them. But more than anything, it’s the book you’ll reach for when you want to recall that perfect love can still be found in an imperfect world.”
Therese Walsh, author of THE MOON SISTERS

“Long after you put the book down for the final time, the wistful wisdom of this notion will stay with you: ‘No matter your age, everyone needed someone to treat them as though they were small and precious and deserving of protection.’ Thomson’s characters remind us that we have to be brave enough to risk accepting it.”
Merrimack Valley Magazine

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