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BookEnds Has Moved

I’m thrilled to announce that BookEnds has set up a new home and a new look. From this moment forward you can find BookEnds at

Head on over to today’s blog post to read more about the exciting new BookEnds.

We’ve had a great time here at Blogger, but it was time for some changes, something to really highlight who BookEnds is and who we plan to be and we can’t be happier. Come on over and join us for the same great BookEnds we’ve always been.


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  1. Looks very nice. Are you using squarespace? I love that place. Webpages are so clean looking and easy to navigate. Yours looks great, too–no matter who you’re using! đŸ˜€ Congratulations.

      1. RSS feed is working today.

        It’s only showing the first few sentences, though, instead of entire posts. I know some bloggers set this up to make readers actually visit their website, to boost traffic. But I, and many other readers, really dislike that, so don’t visit the website to read the full post.

        Please include the full text of posts in your RSS feed.

        Thank you.

    1. Tez: Have you looked to the right of this page? You can subscribe to the blog via email here. I noticed some people have already done so. If that doesn’t work let me know.

  2. Love the site! May I make a few suggestions?
    –When reading a blog post, there’s no way to go forwards or back to other posts — the reader has to go back to the index page.
    –On the index page you have just a couple of lines. That means more clicks for me (plus the clicks to get back and find the next post). As a reader, I want my content as easy to access as possible.
    –Similarly, on the blog feed, there are just a couple of lines, which means I have to click through to read the whole post. When I have 20 or more posts to read on a Monday morning, chances are I’m going to skip the ones that require me to click-through to the site.
    I’m a regular reader, and I love your content. I just want it easy to get to!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’re going to look into all of your suggestions. Since this is much different from traditional blogging websites I’m not yet sure what we can do or not do, but we’re going to look into it all.

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