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Galleys in the Digital Age

In the age of the ebook, advance reading copies have changed quite a bit. Back in the day of the paper dinosaur (known as a print book) galleys/ARCs/advanced reading copies/review copies/page proofs were bound (although maybe only by a rubber band) copies of your book used to obtain reviews.

Nowadays most people use services like NetGalley to distribute electronic galleys.

Every once in a while however we’re treated to a paper galley from a publisher. As you can see from the picture, not every galley looks the same, but each earn the same level of excitement from us and the authors. We’re excited to get these galleys in the hands of reviewers and start making magic.


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  1. I think holding a printed galley in my hands is almost as exciting as the newly published book–this is proof that it’s written and out there for reviewers to either love it or hate it. In the case of INTIMATE, pictured above, it’s also the first in a new genre for me, a new series, with a new publisher. Lots of exciting firsts!

  2. I didn’t realise they had gone digital, although I guess it makes sense. Not sure I’ll care when my turn comes – so long as there is a print copy eventually coming. Since I was a teenager I’ve dreamed of holding my book in my hands (of course I couldn’t imagine today’s technology). Hard to let go of that dream.

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