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Who’s Who at BookEnds Literary Agency #MSWL

With the excitement of a new year, comes the anticipation of a new find. To help you get an idea for our own #MSWL (manuscript wish lists), we created this fun quiz. Try your hand at it to see what BookEnds Agents are looking for in 2016.


[mlw_quizmaster quiz=1]

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  1. I got three, but I really liked the idea of Beth Campbell’s survivalist idea. What about two young brothers lost in a snowy wilderness, pursued not only by the elements but also by a psychopath? Who have to hide and survive while their mother and a man that’s she makes go with her hunt all three?

  2. Wow, this quiz provided great insight. I thought that I should query one agent, but now I see that another agent here would be a better fit. One of the quiz questions excites me because it resembles a mss I’m writing.

    Will your interest in these types of mss fade over time, or do you feel that these examples strongly represent what interests you?

    1. Things do change over time and please read today’s post that adds to what the quiz offered. Keep checking in to the blog and the website where we try to keep our #MSWL updated.

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