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It seems there was a slight glitch in yesterday’s quiz. We meant to have multiple answers for many of the questions and it doesn’t seem like the multiple answers actually showed up. So for those of you querying, here’s a little more insight into what sort of books we’re scouring our inbox for.

Jessica Faust
I would love a survival story. I read Black Ice last year and loved the idea of a protagonist lost in the wilderness. Even better, I love the idea of a protagonist running for her life through the wilderness. This could be YA or adult. I’d probably lean toward adult at this point.

I’m a big fan of the dark, damaged heroine and would love to see a psychological suspense featuring just that sort of protagonist. One of the things I absolutely loved about Girl on a Train was that she was an active alcoholic. That sort of damage was wonderful to watch (in a sick, twisted way).

I’ve always been a sucker for a story about returning to your childhood home to help solve the crime that has haunted you for your entire life–another thriller or suspense.

Jessica Alvarez

I have a post coming up later this week about everything I read over the holidays, and some of my #MSWL is inspired by that reading.

I want women’s fiction a la Jojo Moyes’s contemporary books. I want women’s fiction that covers the whole spectrum of human emotions from laughter to despair. But I’m a little sick of stories about women returning to their childhood hometowns. Show me them leaving home and exploring instead.

I also want sports romances. I miss Melissa Cutler’s Bomb Squad hockey series and want more like that on my list. Melissa’s heroes weren’t pro athletes, but I’d like to see submissions with pros. They can be anywhere on the heat spectrum from erotic to inspirational, just give me some sweaty men!

Last, give me something naughty and taboo! I recently sold a taboo romance series by Shelly Bell and I want even more. One of my favorite romance reads from this year was Lilah Pace’s Asking for It, and I want something that pushes boundaries like that did.

Moe Ferrara

Some of my #MSWL wants have been on my list for a bit because I just haven’t found that perfect book yet (or, if I have, I want more!)

SciFi (YA or Adult) — but with a catch. I’m looking for something that’s not heavy on the science. Give me your Star Treks or your Twilight Zones (I spent most of New Year’s Day and beyond marathoning it on Syfy) or your Last Starfighters. Something easily accessible for not only the hard-core SciFi but the folks who were dragged to Star Wars and found a new love and want to read more just like it.

MG with an engaging voice that has me laughing out loud, but also rooting for my characters to get themselves out of trouble… preferably before mom and dad get home!

I really would love to find a few romances to round out my list. For all I love SFF, YA, MG… I want some contemporary romances with a rough-around-the-edges hero who’s the mysterious, quiet type. And if he’s good with his hands, rides a motorcycle and sports some tattoos, all the better! I’m looking on the steamier end of the spectrum (be it sexy or erotic, no inspirational) with characters I’m going to root for. LGBTQ+ would be awesome, but I’d also like some heterosexual romances as well! I’d love to have some unusual aspect, be it the hero/heroine’s professions or the setting.

Kim Lionetti

No fair, Jessica Alvarez!  I WANT a Jojo Moyes!  She beat me to that one.

I, too, am looking for emotional women’s fiction and I’d like a strong romance in there as well.  If it’s a novel that take place over a short, dynamic piece of time, then I’d be especially excited to take a look.

I’ve always preferred a rough-around-the-edges hero.  I’d rather read about guys on motorcycles than in limousines.  I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I’d still really love to see a tattoo artist contemporary romance.  But generally speaking, I’d be happy to see anything with a dark, enigmatic hero who works with his hands.

Finally, I’m really in the mood to find more YA thrillers.  A lot of the ones I’ve read have focused so closely on the action, that something was lost in the overall reading experience.  I don’t think the rollercoaster ride is complete without exploring the emotional side as well.  Give me heart on top of the heart-stopping action!

Beth Campbell

We’ve all got a little overlap in taste, and like Kim, I’m really interested in YA thrillers with a deep emotional and psychological side. And like Jessica Faust, I’d love to see a survivalist story (though unlike Jessica I’d prefer YA to adult at this time.

I’m also in the mood for some psychological suspense or romantic suspense–either adult or YA! Dark and disturbing is great, but I don’t want stories that run on shock value over substance and strong characterization.

And finally, I’m looking for YA sf/f featuring LGBT+ characters. I love and want characters from all over the spectrum, but I have a particular soft spot for girls who like other girls.


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