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Help Us Play “Shag, Marry, Kill”

Along with our taste in books, we know you’ve all been wondering about our taste in…men. For Valentine’s Day, we’re going to play a literary version of Shag, Marry, Kill, and we need your help! Either in the comments here or on Twitter using the hashtag #BookEndsSMK, send us the names of famous men from literature to see if they make the BookEnds agents want to shag, marry, or kill them. We can’t promise all suggestions will make the cut, but stay tuned to the blog to see if your names end up being featured.

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  1. Darcy, Roarke (is he “literary”? I have friends who adore the Robb’s In Death series, so I’m going with famous enough), Gilbert Blythe, Jamie Fraser, Diego de la Vega/Zorro

    And, because it makes sense and seems like fair play:
    Anne Shirley, Elizabeth Bennett, Eve Dallas, Claire Randall

    I know I’m missing many other good ones. I will trust others are helping out with this list. 😉

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