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March 4 in This Year of Change

Growing up there was a woman in my life who was first a friend of my grandmother’s, later the mother of my friend, even later my boss, and now my friend. She believed strongly in March 4, the day when we March forth into a new season and new and exciting things. Today is her day.

As I’ve stated, and will continue to state, 2016 is my year of change. I started this year with a big goal list and a determination to make this a powerful and strong year for me and for BookEnds. The problem with beginning of the year goals, is the excitement and enthusiasm with which you made them slowly seeps away as the year goes on and you get caught up in the nitty-gritty of daily life.

Suddenly some of those goals start to feel like a weight around your shoulders, as you become more discouraged that maybe they can’t be done. Keep in mind though, goals for 2016 are written with 365 days in mind (366 this year). One of my most difficult goals in 2015 wasn’t achieved until December 12. Was my achievement lessened because it was completed only three weeks before year’s end? Not at all. In fact, I think if we achieved all of our goals by February we didn’t make challenging enough goals.

So as I March 4th today I will spend a little time reviewing my goals and renewing my excitement for what they mean to me and how it will feel when I achieve them. I’ll also remind myself of the steps I’ve already taken toward completing them.

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  1. I’ve always believed in silver lining. Most people think I’m deloustionally optimistic.
    I have realised in the last few weeks, and I’m so happy about this, it isn’t my disabilities that are making it harder to do that now, its not working with kids all day.
    So now I know where some of my mojo has gone, I know where to concentrate my efforts and I can March 4th with my new life.

    Ps. I hope this says what it should, I can’t find my reading glasses, everything is a little blurry.

  2. Adjustment seems to be what I have had to do the most the last couple of decades…and what I had always fought. It is hard to realize that some goals are unobtainable and that some things that were good in the past are no longer there for you, but I have found it liberating in many ways.And I have found new capabilities and interests.
    I wish you all happiness and light.

  3. Yes, Hollie. March 4th seems like a good plan. Someone just told me off for not sending my manuscript to agents because I’m nervous about getting rejections. She said I’m a wimp and what am I doing it for, and she’s probably right, so…I’m going to March 4th to it.

  4. My revelations have come slowly over the past year or so, when I realized that the goals that I have always thought were truly important to me aren’t necessarily the ones that make me happy. I’ve spent the past few weeks reevaluating, and realized I probably should have been doing that all along. A goal is what you achieve at the end of the journey–somewhere along the way, I’ve lost the joy in the journey. I think it’s time for me to concentrate on the trip as much as where it leads.

  5. I love this!! What a motivating idea! Thank you for sharing and encoyeaging me to continue to March 4th! I am invigorated…even though I am home sick today! But since I am sick in bed, what a perfect time to re-evaluate my goals and continue on! Lovely!

  6. Love the idea of March 4th (appeals to my sense of humour like May the 4th). Sadly I only just read the post and here it’s nearly the end of March 7th.

    Looked back through my diary and realised I did actually march fourth on March 4th. That was the day I realised I might actually be able to get my wip in order to enter a contest I had hoped to enter, but didn’t think I’d have the time to manage it. To make myself accountable I sent an email out that day to my CPs telling them I’d have a draft entry to them the next day to crit.

    Draft went out and am currently polishing the entry so yay for March 4 =)

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