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A #MSWL from Jessica Alvarez

One of my goals for 2016 was to really be on top of my reading, and I’ve been doing a pretty good job with that. I’ve also been on the hunt for some specific items on my #MSWL (manuscript wish list), and haven’t yet found projects that quite fit. So, please, send these things my way and you should hear back from me quickly!

I’m still looking for erotic romance that really pushes boundaries, something like Lilah Pace’s Asking for It. Not all of these push boundaries, but some of my other favorites in erotica/erotic romance are: almost anything by Tiffany Reisz and Megan Hart, Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield, and of course books by my clients, Stacey Kennedy, Shelly Bell, and Jade A. Waters.  Just a note, though, I am not looking for BDSM club stories right now, though I’d love to see different takes on BDSM.

I’d love to find a gory, female-led thriller that isn’t for the faint of heart. I am not squeamish and am fascinated by medical examiners, morticians, and all things bloody and disgusting. Think Chelsea Cain or something with a female version of Hannibal Lecter.

I’m hungry for some emotional women’s fiction in the vein of Jojo Moyes. Something that makes me laugh and cry, and makes me miss the characters when it’s time to say goodbye. If there’s a strong romantic element in there, all the better. I’m primarily looking for contemporary women’s fiction that’s focused on one heroine (so, no ensemble pieces or family sagas, please).

I want a SUPER sexy, maybe even erotic, historical romance. I’d prefer something set in 19th century England, but Scotland would work too. It’s not an automatic no, but I’m not particularly looking for historical westerns right now–at least not in this category.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’d like to find some more inspirational romance writers. I’m lucky enough to work with Terri Reed, Jennifer Delamere, and Stacy Henrie, and much of my editorial career was spent working on inspirationals. I tend to be drawn to writers who have a light touch with the faith elements. For this, contemporary or historical would work. And historical westerns would be great.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this!I might have what you’re looking for in the women’s fiction which has a romance arc and a lighter inspirational element. I’m currently working on a synopsis and final polishes.

  2. I am so happy to see this! I will start working on my query letter so that hopefully you’ll want to enjoy a sampling!

  3. I have done my research on agents and everyone has their own wish list and you seem to be looking for what I write about–exactly. You are the first agent I’m going to query. You’re the only agent I want. Your qualifications are impressive.

  4. My story fits two of your categories, thriller and erotic romance! I emailed my query to you yesterday. I would love to work with you. Have a great weekend!

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