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Meet the Intern: Gena Louque

What’s your name?

Gena Louque.

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Where do you go to school?

I graduated from Arizona State University in December 2015. Go Sun Devils! 😉

What are you studying?

My degree is in Mass Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Film Studies. I got to watch movies for homework. Those were the good days.

What kind of books do you most like to read?

I read ALL THE FICTION. Mysteries, fantasy/sci-fi, romance, women’s fiction, YA, middle grade, you name it. I grew up on Nancy Drew, Goosebumps and Harry Potter so anything that has some mystery and magic to it will definitely catch my interest.

What’s the last book you read (not including a submission)?

The Blood of Olympus from the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. I wish I could live in that universe. Or that Mr. Riordan would keep writing those books forever. (Hint hint.)

What interests you about a career in publishing (assuming you’d like a career in publishing)?

I would say 90% of it is reading. I’ve been reading since I was 3 years old and as I got older, the more I loved doing it and the more I realized I couldn’t live without it. I always though the whole “do what you love” thing was for other people because who would possibly pay someone to read books, something I do for fun? As it turns out, lots of places will, and I am very grateful for that.

What lead you to BookEnds?

I actually found it by accident (or was it?). I remember looking for internships only at publishing houses because it didn’t occur to me that literary agencies existed, which seems ridiculous now, as I’ve learned just how important literary agencies are in the publishing world. As I was looking online for internships I stumbled upon BookEnds Literary Agency, which specialized in cozy mysteries, romance and YA, all genres I love. After stalking the website for a while, I realized I needed to intern there, even though it meant I needed to move to the other side of the country. It was totally worth it, though I do miss the palm trees and never-ending Southern California freeway traffic.

What has surprised you most about your internship at BookEnds?

Again, now it doesn’t seem surprising after being there and getting to know the agents, but I was surprised just how much the agents wanted me to learn and grow in the field. They didn’t just want someone to help out around the office or a second opinion on a manuscript, they really wanted me to learn as much as possible about the industry, the work that goes into publishing a book from start to finish, from contracts to royalties, the different roles agents play in getting something published and so much more.

What have you enjoyed the most at BookEnds?

Definitely the atmosphere. The office constantly smells like books and coffee, which is basically heaven. I also enjoyed seeing how much the agents actually love their jobs. They are so supportive of one another and get so excited for each other when they sell a book or sign a new author. The work they put into perfecting and selling a manuscript is really inspiring (super cheesy, I know, but it’s true!). Working with people who love their jobs that much made me realize that it is possible for me to make a living doing something that makes me happy.

What do you think authors or other prospective interns might like to know about the BookEnds team?

That they care. They care so much about their work, each other and those who want to learn from them. They’re also hilarious and so down to earth. Never be afraid to ask questions! Even if it’s something you think is silly or unimportant, ask it; you never know what you might learn.

Authors: This team is amazing. The amount of time and effort they put into each client’s work is incredible. You want your book here.

Interns: You will learn A LOT. Like, more than you think you would. Not just about literary agencies, but about all different aspects of the publishing industry. Also there’s always candy/chocolate in the office. Definitely a plus.

After nearly completing your internship, what are your thoughts on being an agent or working in publishing in general?

Interning at BookEnds has only increased my desire to work in publishing. Seeing the agents’ excitement when finding a manuscript they really enjoyed just made me more excited to begin my career in publishing so I could be that enthusiastic about my job.

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  1. Welcome Gena!

    If you ever become a full-fledged agent, I’m going to be querying you. I swear you and I are soulmates when it comes to books and genres. 🙂

  2. Hi, Gena! Thanks for sharing how your love of reading lead you to BookEnds. You’ve painted a warm environment of supportive mentors. What a lovely experience.

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