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Submissions 101

Lately I seem to be getting a lot of how-to questions when it comes to submissions. Let’s break this down and make it easy on everyone (everyone who bothers to search and read the blog that is).

1. Query only one book at a time. It’s okay to mention that you have other books written, but don’t muddy the waters by giving us five to choose from and having an agent reject you even if one of those books might have been intriguing. Pick your best work, your most marketable work, and go from there (probably your most recent work).

2. Query only one agent at a time. While readers of the blog know you can query multiple agents at BookEnds, do NOT query us all once. One at a time please.

3. Looking for how to query BookEnds agents? Check out our submissions page and the quick and easy links to each agent’s submission form. If you’re confused by how links work you can click on the color-coded words. The color means it’s a link.

4. Each agent (as specified on her submission form) has different instructions for what should be submitted with a query. Just follow the form and you’ll do just fine.

5. Response times as listed on our website are targeted response times. Some of us are faster, some slower, some behind, some on top of things. Generally though, we all shoot for those targeted response times and update Twitter etc if things change.

We ask for queries because we want new clients and are looking for exciting new projects. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I would think that this information is obvious, but that’s because for years now I’ve been reading agent and editor blogs and researching how publishing works. Good for you Jessica, for helping out those who need to know these things, and for reminding me that we were all “newbies” once.

  2. I never thought it would be necessary to spell out the fact that you ask for queries because you want new clients. I wonder what writers think you want when you say you are wanting new clients?

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