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Election Day! Go Vote

I just got back from voting and each time I get the opportunity to do so I’m overwhelmed by my own emotions. To get to walk into a polling place, accompanied by friends, neighbors, and even those I don’t agree with, to voice my opinion in the direction I would like this country to take is an incredible experience, privilege and right.

I was surprised to find myself tear up when I walked into the voting booth. After months of listening to candidates talk and debate it was my turn to have my say in what I think will be best for our country for the next four years, what’s going to be best for my state, the town and even our schools. Each of these decisions will have an impact on what happens in my life. By placing that vote I got to have a say in how I feel about how our money, our hard-earned tax money, should be spent. I got to have a say in the future of our Supreme Court and the highest laws of the land, I got to have a say in whether the schools in my town will get new textbooks or computers.

Even if you believe that your vote doesn’t count, by not voting you’re missing out on a unique experience. It’s like saying you won’t cheer at the football game, clap at the orchestra concert, or sing at church because your voice won’t change anything. It might not, but the experience of being there, live, and being a part of it, is something you just can’t deny yourself.

I mean, voting, it’s just cool and I feel really bad for anyone who isn’t taking the opportunity to experience it.

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