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What a terrific holiday treat for us, as well as for Gail Oust. Curried Away, the latest in her Spice Shop mystery series was picked as Library Journal Pick of the Month.

An extra special bonus. The review compared her work to Paige Shelton, another BookEnds client. We love when our worlds collide.

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  1. Is the Library Journal a publication for library staff? Does it helped get picked up by libraries to get a mention?

    In Australia you can get some money for books borrowed: the Public Lending Rights scheme makes a payment to authors based on the number of times their book is borrowed from a library (although I believe there is a minimum number of times the book has to be borrowed before you start receiving payment. I think you have to register each book each year, but not 100% sure about that). Is that how it works in the US?

    Thanks for the links, Jessica!

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