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A New Year, New Opportunities

I’ve never been one to kick a year to the curb. Life goes fast and each day is an adventure, not always the adventure we wanted, but an adventure nonetheless.

I’m not sure if this makes me an optimist or a pessimist, but when tough times, hard truths, or just a bad week come my way I tend to take the stance that it could always be worse. Other people are dealing with far tougher times, harder truths and a worst week. I can suck it up, see the positive in it, and move on. And I do.

2017 is upon us and I’m excited. I’m excited because there were so many great things about 2016. Sure we lost Prince and that hurts, but we also gained a million other little people who have yet to make their mark on the world (a new niece for me). And no matter how you view the previous year, there’s something really exciting about a clean slate.

I have plans for 2017. Big plans. I intend to take my team, my clients, and the publishers we work with on this ride. I have goals that I’ve set and I can’t wait to tackle them. Today is a day to take a deep breath, enjoy the crisp Winter air, and dive in. Today is a new year and I can only face that with excitement.

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  1. Definitely an optimist! (and that shows in all your posts). I also have big plans for 2017 – can’t wait to see what the year brings =)

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