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In all my years of social media and blogging you have seen very few political posts and very little political commentary from me. That won’t likely change, although here and there more issues have crept into my tweets and posts. As a woman business owner who leads a team of primarily women, today is the day I make an exception.

By unanimous vote, BookEnds agents agreed that on A Day Without A Woman we are on strike and our offices are officially closed.

Today, and all days, BookEnds stands in solidarity with women and gender nonconforming people all over the world. By closing our offices, we hope to bring to light the importance women play in both the US and global economies. We hope to show people more clearly the indispensable role women play in all facets of life. In business, in society, in our homes, our schools and beyond, through paid and unpaid, seen and unseen labor. At the very least, we hope to show you that without women, publishing would not survive.

In the words of the Women’s March, we believe….

We must have the power to control our bodies and be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes. We must free ourselves and our society from the constant awarding of power, agency and resources disproportionately to masculinity, to the exclusion of others.

We must end the hiring discrimination that women, particularly mothers, women of color, women with disabilities, Indigenous women, lesbian, queer and trans women still face each day in our nation. We believe that creating workforce opportunities that reduce discrimination against women and mothers allow economies to thrive. Nations and industries that support and invest in caregiving and basic workplace protections—including benefits like paid family leave, access to affordable childcare, sick days, healthcare, fair pay, vacation time, and healthy work environments—have shown growth and increased capacity.

We believe in Gender Justice and the protection of the human rights of gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans, Two-Spirit and gender nonconforming people.

We believe in an economy powered by transparency, accountability, security and equity.

We believe that all workers must have the right to organize and fight for a living minimum wage, and that unions and other labor associations are critical to a healthy and thriving economy for all. Undocumented and migrant, farm workers and domestic workers must be included in our labor protections, and we stand in full solidarity with the sex workers’ rights movement. We recognize that exploitation for sex and labor in all forms is a violation of human rights.

Today we strike. Tomorrow we will return to work another day and to continue our fight for the equality of all.

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  1. Wow, a powerful post. Living in Germany I must say I didn’t encounter much discrimation on grounds of my being woman. But back in Romania I did encounter men with an attitude. One of them declared to my face they did not negotiate with women. I sent him to the CEO (even though I was the one with the stamp, power of attorney and right connections). Of course, as I expected, the CEO sent him back to me with a hunch back. “I understand you’re the decision maker,” he says. Completely different demeanor. I still remember the feeling swelling in my heart. “Welcome back, a$$h**e”). The sensation was balm to my ego, I tell ya.

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