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Querying BookEnds

Roughly a year ago, BookEnds became the inaugural agency for Query Manager and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Query Manager is the sister database to Query Tracker, a website every querying author should know about.

Over the course of the past year (or so), the founder of Query Manager has been extremely kind and patient, working closely with us to develop an agent query database that agents can actually use and benefit from. Together we’ve worked to make the query process as simple as possible for authors and as useful as possible for agents.

On the author’s end you receive a separate form for each agent you want to query. My form can be accessed here, forms for the rest of BookEnds can be found through the links on our website. Once the form is filled out you receive an email letting you know your query arrived safety, and other emails giving you status updates. The very best thing about Query Manager is it’s virtually impossible to lose a submission or a query (something that often happened with email).

From our end, we’re able to easily track the queries or submissions we haven’t yet answered, and archive everything we have. That way we can easily refer back to them if necessary. In the past, I never saved old queries or submissions. I just didn’t have the space. With Query Manager, I also get to see who else at BookEnds you’ve queried, either with other books or this book. So be extra careful about submitting to all of us at once. We see what you’re doing. We also see how you think you cleverly label the genre of your book, thinking you can slip your SFF by an agent who doesn’t represent SFF.

The most fun we have with Query Manager however, is tracking statistics. Here’s a sample of what my queries have looked like since we started.

Every time I log into Query Manager I’m relieved with how easy and reliable it is. I’m also pleased that I can respond to queries from any of my devices. If you’re an agent, or publisher, I strongly recommend you look into this. If you’re an author, feel confident anytime you submit through Query Manager.

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  1. I liked Query Manager, too, as an author. Submittable is great for us authors, too, but I don’t know it makes things as easy for agents and publishers. I got an acceptance letter through Sumbittable and one through Query Tracker, so I must say I’m in love with both.

  2. Thanks Jessica. Great info. I’m working on my first fiction piece and am wondering…do you prefer complete works or are you comfortable reviewing partials? Trying to figure this amazing world out….

    1. With a first fiction you’ll need to complete it. Best of luck and I hope the blog helps in your new adventure.

    2. I need assistance with my query form. I’ve been everywhere but no one seems to know how to paste the first 3 chapters of my mega thriller, International FTA

  3. Jessica, I’m curious, does Query Manager make it easier for current NORMAN (no response means no) agents to send a rejection? If it did, I think most authors would be desperate for this to be adopted industry wide!

    I like to see agent stats. Not sure why, because they are usually quite depressing for any un-agented author looking for an agent. I think it’s because I focus on the success numbers and figure if they can do it so can I. I’d love to see a future blog post along the lines of “top 10 reasons why [BookEnds or BookEnds agent] rejected you”

    1. I think it’s always been easy, honestly, for NORMAN agents to reject. But yes, this should make it even easier.

      Great blog idea. Keep an eye out.

    1. Well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t query. It could also mean that, since we’re closed in December, those queries sat until January.

  4. On QueryTracker an author can see query statistics for each agent. Does QueryManager give agents similar statistics for each author? Can an agent find out that the same query has already been rejected by a dozen other agencies?

    1. We can see if the same query or the same author has queried other agents at BookEnds, but not other agencies.

  5. I wrote one of the best thriller novels in the world , International FTA but the publisher, Authorhouse ripped me off.. They took my money for a press release that was never done. I need you as much as you need me.
    Check it out to confirm what I claim. Nothing but love from my readers. In fact, I guarantee it’s suc

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