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Well-Deserved BookEnds Promotions

For years Kim Lionetti and Jessica Alvarez have served as my right hands and half my brain. Not only are they fantastic agents with keen eyes and brilliant editorial minds, but they have been integral in helping guide me to where BookEnds is today. I really don’t think I could do a thing without them. Which is why I’m thrilled to announced that they’ve been promoted to Senior Literary Agents. Literary Overlord was a close second in title choices, but we went with the tried and true.

These two promotions are overdue and well-deserved for two people who are colleagues, teammates, and friends. I am never surprised when a client tells me how lucky she feels to have one of these two on her team. I feel the same.

***Please note, this picture is older than dirt, but I still love it.

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  1. Thanks so much for making me a part of the team six years ago, and for this promotion! It’s been an absolute blast working with everyone at BookEnds and I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have a job I look forward to going to every day.

  2. Congratulations from me, too! I have great admiration for you guys’ truly great editorial minds, the books you help put out there are mind-blowing from cover to the last page. Again, congrats!

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