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Get to Know Agent Rachel Brooks

What Excites You About Being an Agent: Reading a manuscript or proposal that gets me brainstorming next steps is EXCITING. This leads to other exciting things, like knowing I want to help a debut author get that first deal, or an established author push their career to the next level, or reminding me why I signed a fabulous client all those months/years ago in the first place. Of course, any day I receive an offer from an editor is an exciting day too.

Glass ½ full or ½ empty: I’m mostly a 1/2 full person, but do have the occasional 1/2 empty day. Dark chocolate helps with that.

Caffeinated Drink of Choice: Dr. Pepper

eReader or Print Book: Both! It doesn’t need to be a competition. I use my eReader for manuscript reading and traveling. Print are usually for pleasure reading and when at home.

Last 5 (non-client) Books Read: Eliza and Her Monsters, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Sun is Also a Star, The Hate U Give, Labyrinth Lost

Last 5 Movies Watched: Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Arrival, Moana, Hidden Figures

Name 5 Things on Your Desk Right Now: Calendar (old school over-sized paper desk calendar), cat post-its, cat paper-clips, TARDIS coaster, Dr. Pepper (see above)


P.S. You can follow Rachel on Twitter: @RachMBrooks

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  1. A TARDIS coaster? I’m making a list of Whovian agents. They go to the top of my query list. Should I add you, Rachel…? 🙂

    Congratulations on joining BookEnds!! All the best with settling in.

  2. Congrats on joining the BookEnds team. Any office with a Buford sounds like a fabulous place to work.

    I totally get the dark chocolate thing (I always have some on hand), but Dr Pepper *shudder*. There are a few places you can buy cans in Oz, and when I happen to be at those stores I always pick up some for my husband who is also a fan.

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