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Kicking off #BookEndsSpotlight

This month on the BookEnds blog, we’ll be running a series we’re calling #BookEndsSpotlight. We’ve done posts like this before, but with all of the recent additions and changes to the team, we thought it would be fun to interview everyone so blog readers can get to know us better.

So, over the course of July, each member of the BookEnds team will have their own day where the Spotlight is on them. We’ve all participated in an interview with 9 fun questions, and shared our most non-embarassing throwback pictures of ourselves. These interviews will be posting every week, so check in every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the month to get to know your favorite team in publishing a little better.

And now to kick off the series, let’s give you a crash course in BookEnds history! If this is your first time reading the blog, then this is all new to you. If not, you’re about to be world’s best #BookEndsTeam Trivia player.

The Agency:

Since opening its doors in 1999, BookEnds Literary Agency has never strayed from our original goal: Achieving dreams and doing what we love. Representing fiction and nonfiction for adults and children alike, BookEnds agents continue to live their dreams while helping authors achieve theirs.

First opened as a book packaging company, we were originally looking to take our own fresh and fun ideas and find just the right people to create the books publishers and readers were looking for. Over time, we missed working on fiction and seeing what could come from an author’s imagination as well as an author’s platform. So not two years after opening its doors, BookEnds changed its literary status to Agency.

While the industry has changed, and BookEnds has grown, the one thing we’ve never lost is our passion and love for books and the authors who create them.

We’re excited for all of our interviews to go live, and hope you enjoy the series. Check back tomorrow at 10:00 am for President and Literary Agent, Jessica Faust’s #BookEndsSpotlight.

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