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Worth Waiting For by Wendy Qualls

Happy #PubDay, Wendy Qualls and WORTH WAITING FOR!

I swore I wouldn’t do any puns that this book was certainly WORTH WAITING FOR — but clearly I have no self-control. It’s great to finally see my first book sale actually make it onto the shelves. For those of you curious about why we say publishing is not a race: Wendy originally queried me in June 2015, she sent in her R&R in September 2015, signed October 2015, sold the book in April 2016, and now it’s publishing August 2017.

Like I said, all good things are WORTH WAITING FOR.


A small town in the Deep South isn’t where most gay men would choose to go looking for love. But open hearts will find a way . . .

Growing up in the Bible Belt, Paul Dunham learned from a young age to hide his sexuality. Now he’s teaching psychology at a conservative college in Georgia—and still hiding who he really is. If Paul hopes to get tenure, he needs to keep his desires on the down-low. But when an old college crush shows up on campus—looking more gorgeous than ever—Paul’s long-suppressed urges are just too big for one little closet to hold . . .

Brandon Mercer has come a long way since his freshman year fumblings with Paul. Now he’s confident, accomplished, proudly out—and the sexiest IT consultant Paul’s ever seen. When Brandon asks Paul to grab some coffee and catch up, it leads to a steamy reunion that puts their first night of passion to shame. But when Paul’s longtime crush turns into a full-time romance, he receives an anonymous email threatening to expose their secret to the world. If Paul stays with Brandon, his teaching career is over. Yet if he caves under pressure, he risks losing the one true love he’s been waiting for. . .

Available today from your favorite retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or your other favorite retailer!

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  1. Moe, thanks for sharing the timeline for Wendy’s debut. It’s always fascinating to get a glimpse of the ‘other side of the fence’ for those of us still trudging the trenches. And a nice reminder that nothing moves quickly in this business.

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