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Rejection Fatigue is Real

Lately, I’ve had rejection fatigue, not because I’m getting rejected, but because I’m doing the rejecting. I’m hungry for something new. In the same way you go to the bookstore in search of a new author, I go to my Query Manager inbox in search of a new client. Each time I open QM I open it with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. Maybe today will be the day I find that submission I can’t put down.

Believe it or not, agents want to offer on your book as much as you want them to offer. With each submission we request we have hope that it will be the one. Those of us who are open to submissions are in search of new talent and while we love the hunt, we love the find even more.

So next time you’re feeling discouraged and hating on the industry try to remember that it’s not personal and, in fact, many times the rejections we send are as painful for us as they are for you. So often we read that query and talk about it with each other. We can’t wait to read the manuscript and we hope and pray it’s everything we want it to be. When it’s not we too feel crushing disappointment.

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  1. Didn’t realise agents get rejection fatigue, too! You have my sympathies. One of my books has had two ‘close call ‘ full mss rejections even after I complied with their (different! ) suggestions. And I am beyond dejection, now

  2. I have to confess, I didn’t think agents would get rejection fatigue. Fascinating insight into how much you guys invest yourselves in what you do. So next time I receive a rejection I’ll console myself with the knowledge the rejection pain is shared. Meanwhile I’ll tap away oh so hoping mine won’t render “crushing disappointment” when read o_0

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