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When Is Ok to Resubmit? #Querytip

I’m curious, how do you tell if it’s okay to resubmit when suggestions for improvement are made? Is it spelled out, as in “please feel free to resubmit”?

Anytime you make improvements feel free to resubmit.

Listen, I’m of the give it a try, put it out there, life is too short mentality. Life is too short to over think everything we do and how everyone will react to what we do. You will NEVER burn bridges by professionally, simply, and politely querying an agent. You will burn bridges when you react to a rejection by calling her an ass, an idiot, a fool, or a waste of your time, but that’s a blog for another day.

If you have a dream agent and you’ve revised the book so heavily that it really is a different book and the book you should have submitted in the first place it can never hurt to send a query. Truly what’s the worst that can happen? She’ll say no. Keep in mind if that happens, that “no” might not have anything to do with the fact that you are requerying. It could simply be that her list has filled with that type of book, her interests have changed, or she really just isn’t interested in taking a second look.

All of that being said, don’t spend a lifetime on one book. As best as you can, once the book is out on submission, become so engrossed in your next project that any revisions or changes you want to make go into something fresh rather than a constant rewrite of the first thing.

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  1. I am glad to hear that last part. I had a writing instructor who told us that the vast majority of pubbed authors work on one book until it’s published. I am not sure how that’s possible. I have too many new ideas. Rewriting the same concept over and over again would drive me batty.

  2. This is a subject I will have to face in the near future. Last February I hired an editor to rework my book that had been rejected by pretty much everyone. I know I have something and so did she and away we went. We’ve worked hard and are almost complete. My first thought was going back to resubmit but I wasn’t sure if I could. Now I know. Thanks.

  3. October 31, 2017

    Dear Ms. Faust:

    I would like to “Thank you” for responding to my query letter. I take time and effort in attempting to select an agent who works at their profession as diligently as I do in applying myself as a writer. You have taken the time to read and evaluate my query proposal for my book and awarded me the respect of a reply that I sincerely appreciate. Even though you have rejected my book for further review, you have encouraged to continue to retain my focus on my dedication to writing and eventually having my book published.
    I am aware of the volume of queries that you receive on a daily, monthly and annual basis. I can appreciate how difficult it must be to select a writers’ submission for further review. Being married, with five children, I know how each child is unique and picking out their specific attributes is easy for me as their parent. However, it must be nearly impossible for you, as a publisher, to select an unknown writer, who has potential, by just reading one query letter. I give you credit for a very difficult profession that you have chosen in life.
    My book is a compilation of experiences that focus in detail on what this thing called “Life” is all about. No one has the key to success and happiness but yet we should never give up. My book attempts to be a look into life and to pave the way for the reader to follow throughout life.
    Thank you again and may our paths cross again sometime in the future.
    Gregory C. Betza

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