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Bringing 2017 to a Close

This is our last week of 2017 at BookEnds. Beginning next week we will close for the rest of the year. We will use those last two weeks to read all of the books we had planned to read for the year but never got to. We will spend time eating cookies and relaxing in cozy socks and under warm blankets. We will ponder our goals for the next year and we will celebrate the many successes we’ve had this year.

As I look back over the year I’m overjoyed and amazed by all that has happened. It’s hard to believe January 2017 was only 11 months ago. Back in the beginning of the year, I declared 2017 “The Year of Change” and I wasn’t kidding. In this year we added two new agents, promoted Beth to a full-time agent and finally brought James into the fold as an official team member. With all of those changes came new clients, new deals and a firmly established children’s division of BookEnds (watch for more exciting things on that in 2018).

As the year winds down I hope each of you is taking the time to celebrate your successes and ponder your goals for 2018. Each new day brings a new adventure, each new year brings 365 days of possibilities. While I curl up in my reading chair I will be grateful for all 2017 has brought, good and bad. I will be grateful for the good things, and thankful for how the not so good have empowered me further.

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  1. Our school year finishes in 4 more days and then it’s summer holidays. I can’t wait for everything to finally stop and be able to read and relax before it all winds up again next year. Wishing all at BookEnds a joyful and relaxing festive season.

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