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Your Book Idea versus the Execution

For years, the agents of BookEnds have been obsessed with the story of The Watcher. The true-life tale of homeowners and the terrifying letters they receive. My call for books about this story is also the perfect lesson in why an idea can’t be copywritten and the importance of execution.

A story about The Watcher could take so many different forms:

  • Psychological suspense or horror
  • Romantic suspense or, maybe, a cozy mystery
  • YA. A picture book?

It could be written from different perspectives:

  • The couple who bought the house
  • The Watcher himself
  • The police detective
  • The kids living in the house

And idea will get you started on the road to writing your book. It will also grab the attention of your readers (editors and agents), but it’s the execution that will make your book stand out and that is something only you can do.


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  1. I was just reading about this the other day as it made news in Oz. Not to the detail of the link you shared though. How terrifying for the owners, and creepy…but fascinating for someone reading about it from the other side of the world.

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