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BookEnds Gives Thanks

Each week, at the end of every Bookends meeting, we take a moment to share something we are either grateful for, someone we would like to acknowledge, or a success we are proud of. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week.

Today, on Thanksgiving, I would like to share my gratitude for the agents of BookEnds. I am forever thankful to work with this group of smart, driven, fun, and hard-working people. They lift me up when I need lifting, and laugh with me when I need some snark. I hope that today they are all eating good food and celebrating themselves because they deserve it.

Happy Thanksgiving to BookEnds, our readers and of course our incredible clients. I wouldn’t be here without all of you.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all at Bookends. And thank you, Jessica for all your so helpful posts and blogs.

  2. This is timely, Jessica. I’m unpacking in our new house (yes, still more boxes!) and getting ready to hang my favorite framed book covers, so you’ve been on my mind an awful lot. I will be forever thankful–and grateful–you accepted me as a client after reading Last of the O’Rourkes so many years ago, a book that never did sell to a NY publisher–but a number of mine have since that first phone call from you that quite literally changed my professional life.

    That call was in April 2001. I’m still writing, though I’ve slowed way down from the frenetic pace I kept until just a couple years ago, but even in this stage of my writing career you’ve been there with Beyond the Page, a company that allows me to continue my favorite series about my Chanku shapeshifters at a slower pace.

    So, for your faith that I could do it when I’d just about given up, for your advice that always makes sense even when I don’t want to hear it, your faith in me that I COULD do it, and your friendship over the years, I am definitely thankful.

    With any luck, I may just pull another one out of the hat. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I just finished reading Betty Hechtman’s newest, Hooks Can Be Deceiving. As I said in my review for Kings River Life online magazine, I think this one is my favorite so far because the plot is more complicated than usual. I thought I figured out who did it, only to be surprised at the end. Thanks for giving me a book that I read in one sitting – finishing at 4:30 a.m. Luckily, I’m a night person so won’t suffer like some would.

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