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Jessica Alvarez’s #MSWL Madness

You know, I find it surprisingly hard to write MSWL posts. Sometimes all I want is to be surprised. When I look at some of the projects I took on in 2018, almost none of them fit a MSWL post. Could I have predicted I’d want memoirs about the Peace Corps, #MeToo, or a throuple? Probably not. Did I say I wanted a guide on life after divorce or an in-depth look at the TSA? Nope–I’m trying to avoid both of those institutions as much as possible. I did say I wanted more cookbooks, and two of those ended up on my list, so there you go, MSWL at work. The point is, yes, I’m going to list for you here some random things I’d love to find in my inbox, but don’t let it limit you! If you think a project might be right for me, send me your query. The worst that can happen is I say no. The best? We surprise each other.


Give me a lot more of this! I’m still really looking for cookbooks and other food-inspired projects. I’d love to find a cocktail book like Tequila Mockingbird. But it doesn’t have to involve food! I want some entertaining, soft science books on my list as well, and a word nerd book like Kory Stamper’s Word by Word. In this past year of doing nonfiction, I’ve learned I’m a bit of a voyeur–I get such a thrill from the inside look I get into other people’s lives through memoir. I do have a good number of memoirs on my list so I’m being selective there, but please do keep them coming. Oh! And True Crime. PLEASE send me some True Crime! And dog books! The world needs more dog books.


I think you might have several of us at BookEnds fighting over you if you bring us something in this space that transports us to another country and its richly depicted culture. Think Crazy Rich Asians or Next Year in Havana. A strong hook is crucial here. I’m leaning toward lighter, funnier reads right now, but that doesn’t mean something dark wouldn’t work. In fact, I’d love to find a domestic suspense or psychological suspense.

I’ve said this before, but certain subjects always grab my attention:

  • Adoption
  • Amish
  • Asian characters
  • Blended families
  • Boarding schools
  • Cooking, restaurants, anything culinary
  • Dysfunctional families
  • First responders
  • The macabre (medical examiners, morticians, etc)
  • Mental illness
  • Plus-sized characters
  • Vietnam (the country and culture, not as much the war)

And, for fun, I put together a visual #MSWL on Pinterest. Check it out:

Please query me at: http://QueryMe.Online/JessicaAlvarez I look forward to hearing from you!

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