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Kim Lionetti’s #MSWL Madness

For the last six months or so I’ve been even busier than usual with my clients’ work. Because of the way their writing has evolved, and given how the process of submitting all of their projects to editors has given me a “big picture” look at my client list, my #MSWL has evolved a bit. It’s also made me more selective than ever, because my list is already quite full. Pictured above are comparative titles for the types of books I’m particularly hungry for right now…

Women’s Fiction — My top priority right now is to grow my women’s fiction list. Whether it’s humorous, issue-driven, historical or contemporary, I’m determined to find more of it. I’m looking for stories with strong, commercial hooks, and sympathetic, but complicated, characters.

Romantic Comedy — I’d love to add more romcoms to my list. Especially, if they have crossover appeal to the women’s fiction market like THE KISS QUOTIENT and THE HATING GAME. My young adult list is quite full at the moment, but I’d love to have an #ownvoices romcom for that audience.

#Ownvoices — Adding to that, I’m still eager to find authentic, diverse voices in all of the genres I represent: women’s fiction, romance, YA and suspense.

Here’s a few things I’m especially on the hunt for:

  • Latinx/African-American romcom or women’s fiction
  • Family story focusing on close, complicated relationship between character with special needs and sibling(s)
  • Upmarket #ownvoices suspense that borders on horror
  • Neurodiverse/Special Needs protagonists
  • Women’s fiction or YA featuring immigrant family

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