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Moe Ferrara’s #MSWL Madness

I was glad to be one of the last ones to post my #MSWL as, since I’ve recently opened to Picture Books — I wanted time to craft my tastes and see what makes my finger hover over the “request more” button rather than seeing it’s not for me.

Most of my #MSWL has stayed the same… books that I’m dying to have that, though may have crossed my inbox hasn’t been executed in quite the way I’m hoping for. I am, of course, always on the lookout for more books by diverse voices across all marginalized communities in all genres I represent. Please remember that this list isn’t exhaustive and I always love being surprised by books I never knew I wanted. So take a look below and hit me with your best shot.

– Books with a strong message attached to them, but don’t read like issue centric text. I love books that teach messages about inclusiveness or finding your inner strength but disguised as fun an engaging texts.
– Anything LGBT or gender-based. I’d love to find my very own JACK (NOT JACKIE). Bonus points if you can get me sobbing at my desk
– Anti-MSWL time: I’m not at all a fit for rhyming texts

– One day, oh one day I will find my gorgeous and creepy lyrical Coraline-esque book. One day. It’s out there.
– Give me your best “kids have totally screwed up and oh god we have to save the world before mom and dad get home!”
– Linking to one of my favorite animated shorts, In A Heartbeat. Please send me your MG contemporary of trying to figure out what a crush is and why I have one on my best same-sex friend.

– Always at the top of my list are more LGBT-centric stories. It doesn’t have to be a coming out story, in fact I want to see more where a character’s sexuality or gender isn’t the driving point of the plot.
– Contemporary in general! Books about music, dance, or the arts are always going to be a winner with me. Also give me all your books about burning down the patriarchy. Because reasons.
– Film-based YA “retellings”. (But, please, make them your own! I don’t want to see a point-by-point reimagining.) Things like Moonstruck, The Breakfast Club, Count of Monte Cristo, or Ocean’s Eleven would make me do a happy dance.

– I’m selectively open to Non-Fiction titles, mostly in the area of LGBT-studies or Theatre-related books. Titles like AND THE BAND PLAYED ON or memoir/biography books (a la Andrew Rannells’ TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH) are the sorts of things I’m on the hunt for.

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  1. Are you still looking for a lyrical Coraline-eques MG? I was going to query but it says that you might be closed to queries. If so, when do you plan on re-opening so I can query?

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