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20-for-20: 20 Blog Posts Every Writer Should Read

In our continued celebration of 20 years of BookEnds we’ve taken a look at some of our all-time most popular blog posts–posts we think every writer should read.

  1. Bestselling Author Naima Simone Talks Sales in the Diverse Books Movement
  2. Why I’m Not Mad for #PitMad
  3. Arming Yourself Against the Bad Agent
  4. Top 10 Reasons Why BookEnds Rejected Your Query
  5. Agents Rejecting Queries
  6. Announcing BookEnds, Jr.
  7. What Authors Need to do to Stop Bad Agents
  8. Submissions 101
  9. The Art of the Query Letter
  10. Your Questions on Queries: When to Nudge a Literary Agent
  11. Formatting Guidelines
  12. Top 10 Reasons Why BookEnds Rejected Your Submission
  13. The Negative Side of #MSWL
  14. How to Successfully Follow-Up on Submissions
  15. I’ve Read Thousands of Queries — Here is Why You’re Rejected
  16. Writing the Query that Grabs Me #querytip
  17. The Worst Query Advice You’ve Gotten
  18. When Agents Don’t Respond to an Offer
  19. Does Self-Publishing Ruin Your Chances at Traditional Publishing?
  20. How to Frustrate an Agent in 5 Easy Steps


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