BookEnds Literary Agency New Client Alert – Dr. Sara Kapadia
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  1. I’m thrilled for you! A promo for BookEnds and two of your authors is a win for every author and every client. WHOO-HOO! Congratulations!

    (Sent twice? I’m crazy-busy and distracted and have had troubling posting).

  2. How about a little fairness and less favoritism in buying stories for Woman’s World? But you people don’t care about that, do you?

    1. Todd: Thanks so much for your comment. Literary agents don’t buy stories for anyone. Our role is to act as an agent on behalf of the author when building a career with a publisher. BookEnds does not work with magazines in any capacity.

      Woman’s World is a magazine completely separate from what we do. These are unpaid publicity pieces the authors’ publishers were able to get for them by submitting the books to Woman’s World for consideration.

      I hope that explains the process a little more.

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