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New Client Alert- Ashley Belote

Name: Ashley Belote
What you Draw: I make illustrations that evoke a sense of humor for picture-book-age audiences. Laughter is the best compliment!
Agent: Moe Ferrara
Why BookEnds? This agency is a great fit with my style of work.

If you’re not drawing, what would we catch you doing?

I’m a runner so I enjoy being outdoors getting some fresh air. I start my day with a run every morning to help me focus on what I need to accomplish. My husband and I travel a lot so we’re always finding new places to explore! We use hotel rewards points to take fun trips as often as we can. When I don’t have a trip planned you would find me happily watching Netflix or playing Nintendo on my couch!

Where can readers find you on the web and social media?

Readers can find me online at and on social media at @ashleybelote1 (Twitter) @ashleybeloteillustration (Instagram) and

What’s the last book you read?

The last book I read was I Will Be Fierce by Bea Birdsong. I took her seminar at a recent SCBWI conference and was completely inspired by the book as well as her personal story surrounding the journey this book has taken her on thus far.

If money were no object, what would be your dream drawing location?

I would spend my time drawing in a cottage in New England surrounded by snow all the time! I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and love the snow. I think being stuck inside allows more time to be creative, so I am a big fan of rainy and snowy days, especially if I have an endless supply of hot chocolate and Netflix.

What’s your favorite quote about drawing?

One of my favorite quotes about drawing is from Henri Matisse. He said, “Creativity takes Courage.” I apply this to my art because I always want to push the boundaries from my own perspective. Sending artwork out into the world is a very subjective process. It certainly takes courage to do this, so I keep this quote in mind each time I present new work to my audience.  There will never be any success without some risk involved so I believe its better to take the chance and just present your imagination!

What’s your favorite piece of drawing advice you’ve received?

My favorite piece of drawing advice came from my instructor at an art camp I attended when I was 14, “Draw what makes you uncomfortable.” This advice constantly helps me grow as an artist. It inspires me to try drawing new subjects and try techniques outside of my comfort zone.

What excites you most about joining the BookEnds family?

I love being a part of a team and the BookEnds family is a great one! I am looking forward to collaborating with them and being able to receive advice and criticism regarding my work. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming opportunities!

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One comment

  1. Ashley is a great talent! She (then Ashley Teets) provided the illustrations for my recent volume of poetry, PIVOT, which was published by Adelaide Books of NY/Lisbon in January of this year. I was so pleased with her interpretations of my poetry. It brings the book to life!
    Congratulations, Ashley! I’m so happy for you on your latest accomplishment.

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