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10 Things Literary Agents Look For in an Author

Hey Blog Readers… did you know BookEnds was on YouTube? We are! And we’re going to be helping you out by posting our weekly videos here every Wednesday. Expect more publishing tips, tricks, and advice from Jessica and James.

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Now, drumroll for last week’s video…. 10 Thing Literary Agents Look For in an Author!

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  1. 1) Believes in the power of communication and are willing to address questions and problems as they arise – including positives.
    2) Open mind to edits, changes, and new ideas.
    3) Looking for a career and willing to work for it; promotion, marketing, and what goes along with it.
    4) Be understanding. Things happen.
    5) Punctual – meet deadlines and commitments.
    6) Determination – it isn’t an easy business.
    7) A desire to learn – acquiring new knowledge.
    8) Unrelenting – won’t give up, despite things like tough revisions.
    9) Good sense of humor. Brings levity to situations to help make the process fun.
    10) Optimism.

  2. Hello!
    I was wondering if you guys could provide some information about co authors. Can one agent represent an author team? Is it more difficult to find an agent if you have co authored a book?

  3. I enjoyed your video. What I liked best was your since of humor. Just the fact that a person is trying to be funny, makes them funny to me.

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