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Get to Know Kim Lionetti

I’m continuing the BookEnds “Get to Know” series. We’re digging a bit deeper than our website bios and MSWLs, and hope you’ll stay tuned to learn more about everyone on our team.

Here’s some of my favorite things and favorite things to do…

Favorite foods:

  1. spicy tuna roll
  2. steamed clams drowned in butter
  3. spanakopita
  4. black raspberry pie
  5. chicken tikka masala

Favorite memories:

  1. honeymooning in Venice, Italy
  2. realizing for the first time my young autistic son was singing all the words to a song on the radio
  3. the look on my daughter’s face when she got a response from Lin-Manuel Miranda after sending him a fan letter
  4. the lunch when I conned Jessica Faust into giving me a job
  5. sipping Long Island Iced Teas with my PSU friends at Café 210 West

Things I collect:

  1. Playbills
  2. planners
  3. felt-tip pens of every color
  4. autographed books
  5. unicorns (well as a child, and now it’s my daughter’s collection)

Things I could be found doing this past week when I wasn’t working:

  1. advocating for my kids’ educations
  2. Zumba-ing to all the latest hits the kids are listening to these days which I would never know unless I was Zumba-ing
  3. listening to The Storyteller’s Secret on Audible as I chauffeur kids to activities
  4. watching The Witcher/Schitt’s Creek/Sanditon/The Outsider
  5. planning our family spring break trip to Kentucky and Tennessee

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