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Susan Furlong’s Shattered Justice in the New York Times Book Review!

We’re excited to be sharing the New York Times’ Book Review fantastice write-up of Susan Furlong’s Shattered Justice! Reviewer Marilyn Stasio called Brynn Callahan a “gutsy heroine” and did not neglect to point out one of our favorite parts of this third installment of the Bone Gap series… Brynn’s dog Wilco!

Click here to read the full write-up.

Congratulations to Susan for this fun spot in the NYT Book Review. If you haven’t read the Bone Gap series, now’s the time folks! You can binge all three of them, starting with Splintered Silence.

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  1. Read and reviewed all three for Kings River Life ezine. Love the characters, Wilco of course, is my favorite. We need more!

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